Friday, February 3, 2012

What BRAND Is Your Resume Promoting?

Invest some time to dive into the wealth of ideas and strategies on PERSONAL BRANDING presented by You have a generous list of branding links in the right column of the Job-Hunt page.

Set yourself apart from the pack by communicating the explicit impact you will make on an organization. Open your resume with robust branding titles that set the tone of the resume and invite the reader in by implying, "You are about to read a resume of someone who will bring value to your organization by taking on the following key roles/responsibilities". The titles can be positions you are pursuing (and can support with resume content) or functional areas that match your strengths. Be sure to communicate cohesion by carrying your branding through to your Linkedin Profile. Get creative, make it interesting and distinguish yourself from the competition. Sell your most important brand, YOU!

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