Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still on Target: Let's ReVISIT ~ ReFOCUS on Some Excellent Advice from '08

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Take a few minutes to review these SIX fundamental Career Lessons from Dan Pink's book, "Johnny Bunko-The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need". It's a fun approach to a serious topic. And while this will probably NOT be the last career guide you will ever need (that comment was in my Career Coach voice) I think it helps to get back to basics! Enjoy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes...You Should Have a Linkedin Account!

If you're already using Linkedin, great! Now continue to fine tune your content and expand your network. If you don't have a Linkedin account, create one TODAY! Here are some of the PROS associated with building a presence on Linkedin:

  1. The basic account is free and comes with a broad scope of features (widgets) to add interesting content areas to your account.
  2. Your Linkedin account can serve as your web resume, so don't pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to have a web resume or web portfolio created.
  3. You can customize the web link (also known as a vanity URL) for your Linkedin account, such as, and then list this URL on your resume, business card, professional networking sites. When you don't have a resume to hand out, you can refer people to your URL.
  4. By growing your professional network on Linkedin, you create opportunities for future networking, the exchange of ideas with colleagues, expanding skills and knowledge, informational interviews, collecting the inside scoop on companies of interest, job prospects, etc.
  5. A growing number of recruiters and executive search consultants use Linkedin as a candidate prospecting tool. A Linkedin account can put you in front of these recruiters.
  6. The SimplyHired metasearch tool is embedded into your Linkedin account. So you can search job postings from multiple job boards with one click.
  7. Answer questions from Linkedin users to promote your subject matter expertise, which can improve your credibility within your industry.
The CONS to a Linkedin presence may be that it will take time, effort and creativity to maintain a strong account. And don't confuse Linkedin with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace - make sure the content on your account supports a professional image.

Create a Linkedin account right now and incorporate it into your ongoing career development strategy!