Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Money and Holiday Stress

I wanted to share some thought provoking information from Shawn Bakker at Pyschometrics Direct (a leading company for career and personality assessments).

The holiday season is fast approaching, and brings an extra level of busyness with school pageants, social gatherings, work parties and family get-togethers. Based on my own experience, and the stories that I hear from others, it is common to feel run off your feet.

Each year at this time we have presented a list of stress relieving activities. This year I have taken a slightly different tack, but believe it will take you to the same destination - a more enjoyable holiday experience. Below are two articles that discuss research about happiness; one is from the New York Times and the second is from Money Magazine. I found them interesting and insightful and I hope you do as well.

But Will It Make You Happy?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

And here are some wonderful tips on Holiday Stress Busters from Mercy College. Enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season...celebrating the blessings in your life.